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Urea solution filling, truck: ZVA AdBlue HV nozzle

Manufacturing warm forged parts

Example SC 150 Spannloc clamp

Elaflon Plus FEP

Quality is in the detail.

Road tanker for heating oil delivery, DDC Dry Disconnect coupling with ADR conform cap as trailer connection

Oasis BV Ball Valves range for CNG

Elaflex Hamburg, narrow aisle stock for small parts

Adapters / couplers for vehicles fighting dangerous goods incidents:

Adapter Rail Tanker Dischharge Coupling KWK SS/Vi x VK 50 SS/Vi


'Camlock' stainless steel female and male coupling to EN 14420 - 7

Pharma hose fittings

Orange Band L.P. Gas hose type LPG

Premium quality for highest safety and best handling

ZVA Slimline 2 GR

Automatic nozzle with vapour recovery, flowrate up to 45 l / min.

DN 1" Ms

Double nipple brass

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik, Production Plettenberg / Germany

Sand casting

DEC – Dry Evotek Couplings:

dry disconnect couplings for the chemical industry. • Low connecting forces even against pressure • Ergonomic handle (DN40 and bigger) • Good transmission ratio in the cam curve • Wide range of chemical resistance due to selection of high quality materials • Minimized spillage during decoupling

Drum filling

with CHS chemical hose assembly

EA 866 scuffguard black with ZVG 2 DISH nozzle

The scuffguard for LPG / Autogas nozzles shows the LPG fuel grade marking required by standard, and offers a large advertising space

Saturated steam hose fitting SMS 19-3/4" SS/SS

completely of stainless steel, with self-securing bolts and nuts; possibility to attach stainless steel anti-kinking spirals KSS-SD

Solvapal hose assemblies

Container cleaning

ERV-R 100.16

RED BAND Rubber Expansion Joint for water, drinking water (DVGW W 270 as well as ACS, conform to FDA), cold and warm waste water, seawater, cooling water, also with chemical additives for water treatment, low concentrated acids and alkalis, salt solutions, technical alcohols, esters and ketones. Can be used in oily athmospheric environments, e.g. engine rooms. Temperature range - 40° C up to + 100° C, temporarily up to + 120° C. Electrically dissipative.

Elaflex refuelling equipment:

Quality is in the detail.

GasGuard LPG nozzle GG30

4-slot design to facilitate connection of the nozzle to the vehicle fill point. New nose piece design to reduce the released gas upon valve closure, incorporating improved gas release method to minimise the risk of splash back.

Production plastic precision parts

Elaflex Hamburg

ERV conductivity test

Underwing refuelling, HD-C hose assembly


FHD 50 special type HIFR

(helicopter in flight refuelling)

Ferrule threaded hose coupling M 19-1" cr

for petrol station dispensing hoses

Elaflex website:

content driven, always current data

ERV Rubber Expansion Joints

Picture 1

TW coupling wrenches of brass or steel

EW K 50 Ms, EW K 80 Ms, EW K 100 Ms, EW K 50 St, EW K 80 St, EW TWS 50, EW TWS 80

Elaflex hoses